International Education

International educational is one of the strategic goals of TSUAB Complex Program of Development adopted in 2012. The major outcome of this Program is adjustment of the University educational standards to modern needs and tendencies.

Improvement of the University educational standards includes:

 1. Admission and education of international students

a)      execution of intergovernmental and agent educational Agreements

b)      validation of educational documents (diplomas/certificates/their equivalents)

c)      Russian language courses (link) helping to get the Certificate of Russian as a Foreign Language

2. Adaptation of principles of Bologna process by introduction of academic mobility programs

a)      implementation of Europe Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

b)      issuing of Diploma Supplements

c)      career enhancement trainings for international students in the field of architecture and building

3. Development of international partners’ network aiming at Double Degree and Joint Degree programs