Research at TSUAB is carried out by 38 departments according to their areas of expertise. The research centers are organized in the first priority research areas. Those are advanced building materials, Regional Project Institute. TSUAB focuses its competences on the innovation and technology for cold climate conditions.

The building blocks of organizational structure for research and innovation are research centers and departments, standardization center, business incubator, center of technology transfer, office of grants support, department of research work organization for students and young researchers, patent office, international office in research & innovation and five spinoffs that are one of the results of research activities. In addition TSUAB has six Dissertation Councils in technical sciences and owns publishing house of scientific journal “VESTNIK of TSUAB”.

Reporting results of research activities in 2013

The budget dedicated to research in 2013 composed 238,318 mln.rub. (332% growth compared to 2012), comprising 5,5% of state contract, grants and programs, 94,5% business contracts, foreign contracts and megaprojects.

Research and development work was performed in 17 research directions

58 applications for Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Russian Humanitarian Research Foundation

6 research megaprojects with the leading foreign scientists are developed 

6 applications for Prokhorov’s Foundation (travel grants)

11 applications for “UMNIK”, Foundation of entrepreneurship development

17 business-projects are developing on the basis of Architectural Business-Incubator

2 start-ups are getting ready for opening

18 theses defended, including 2 doctors and 16 candidates

16 post-grads accepted for studies, including 3 fee-paying. Total: 90

713 students involved into research work, making 15,7% of total students number

14 events of different level for early-career researchers, including 5 international

1062 papers published (132% growth compared to 2012), including 336 publications in journals from the list of Higher Attestation Committee (136% growth), 58 cited in Scopus (207% growth), 25 cited in Web of Science (192% growth), 24 monographs (133% growth).

Publication activity per person is 1.93

12 scientific technical conferences hosted by TSUAB, including 4 international

The equipment of world-class level, computer equipment and software purchased; modernization of equipment and premises held with total budget of 50,33 mln.rub.

TSUAB entered 6 Technological Platforms

TSUAB researchers are members of Expert Councils of Technological Platforms

TSUAB specialists entered the expert councils of Higher Attestation Committee (2) and expert councils of Tomsk Region (6).

Ongoing work on establishing joint TSUAB – Tomsk Building Company, ltd. Research and Training Lab.