1952 Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building was established

1957 first graduation of 110 civil engineering and 48 water engineers

In the beginning of 1960th there were 5 faculties at the university providing 7 specializations. Backgrounds for the scientific schools development were formed by developing research work.

The first research was devoted to find out solutions of West Siberia natural resources application, performing construction works in cold climate conditions, designing and implementing new building structures, mechanisms and construction materials

4 times the university has changed its name, since 1997 it is TSUAB

7 rectors during the history, today’s leader is Prof.Dr. Viktor A. Vlasov




The campus has 12 building, 7 students’ dormitories, sport hall, library, business incubator

TSUAB encounters more than 60000 graduates since its establishment. The graduates contributed greatly to the economic development of the region and country on the whole

13 October 2012 Prof.Dr. Viktor A. Vlasov is the new rector of TSUAB

December 2012 Complex Strategic Development Program 2013-2017 is the official strategic document for further development

During 2013 numerous departments are formed to meet the challenges of today's world